Letter to the Secretary General, of February 9th, 2017

Essential parts of the last 15 years of my life

hard work, no chicks, and lots of tears and pain in rather loneliness


Siehe die den nachfolgenden Briefen (samt Beilagen) an den Generalsekretär der Vereinten Nationen vorausgegangenen Dokumente in chronologischer Reihenfolge und als Einzel-Dateien unter: Herrscht vor dem Gericht der Europäischen Union für Rechtsanwälte in Ruhestand in eigener Sache Anwaltspflicht?


  • Letter to the Secretary General, of February 9th, 2017 (see also the posting confirmation)
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      (plus belonging thereto but, because of their size, seperately,
      Beilage_292 [451 MB] and
      Beilage_293 [402 MB],
      each of which is to be included into the file under directory: Attachment.zip\Beilagen zur Klage\Beilage_01_VfGH G 455-2016\Beilagen\Beilage_06_EGMR\Beilagen)


  • E-Mail to some UN-staff members, of 15th February, 2017 (8 MB) and administrator replies upon delivery failure, of 15th Fenruary, 2017


  • Concurrence of further complainant and Extention of claims of complaint, as well as defendants (Klagebeitritt und Klageausdehnung [5 MB]), of February 15th, 2017, to the Austrian Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgerichtshof)


  • Letter to the Secretary General, of 15th February, 2017


  • Letter to the Secretary General, of 29th April, 2017


  • Letter (0,7 MB) to the Secretary General and Letter to the President of the Security Council, of June, 19th, 2017
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      • (Part I – 01 – BG Dornbirn Sachwalter-Verfahren [851 MB],
      • Part II – 02 – BG Dornbirn – Exekution Unterhalt [426 MB],
      • Part III – 03 – StA Feldkirch Strafverfahren 2017 [23 MB],
      • Part IV – 04 – BH Dornbirn Waffenakte [516 MB],
      • Part V – 05 – Attachments to the letter to the President of the Security Council [686 MB])